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Lil Background Info on Cygnus - The Cygnus Hyoga Shrine [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
The Cygnus Hyoga Shrine

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Lil Background Info on Cygnus [сент. 26, 2005|12:00 am]
The Cygnus Hyoga Shrine


[Настроение |accomplishedaccomplished]
[Музыка |Hyoga Theme]

Hyoga is rather tall and lean, wears black slacks with tattered beige leg warmers, and a blue T-Shirt. His blond locks fall to his shoulders, and he often looks thoughtful or dreamy. Hyoga has pale blue eyes, that show coldness, determination and courage. His voice in the original version is deep and noble, but his emotions easily filter through it, and he can sometimes sound a little hysterical.

Unlike most others, Hyoga isn't born in Japan, therefore his hair color is blonde. Hyoga travelled to Japan from Russia with his mother when he was little, to recieve his training. But their ship sank and only a few were saved, Hyoga being one of them, but not his mother. Hyoga loved his mother more than anything and in the beginning his only goal in becoming a Saint is to break through the thick ice in order to dive down to the sunken ship to visit his mother again, who's been frozen in the freezing waters. But soon Hyoga learned to protect Athena and work together with his friends. He stilled visited his mother though, until his master Camus(in the manga, in the anime it's Crystal Saint) thought it's about time to put an end to his sentimentality and sunk the ship to the bottom of the sea, where no one can dive down.

Please fell free to post anything of our beautiful Cygnus..
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