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Hyoga x OC oneshot [окт. 9, 2005|05:41 pm]
The Cygnus Hyoga Shrine


[Настроение |creativecreative]
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Title: Returning to You
Anime: Knights of the Zodiac / Saint Seiya
Pairings: Hyoga x OC, hint of Shun x OC
Completed?: Yep.

Princess Saori looked around her to make sure that she wasn’t be watched before slipping away to go visit someone special to her who had saved her life last week. That was why it was so hard to get away from everyone, especially Hyoga. Its seems he’s not going to let the chances of her getting hurt be there again. The one who had saved her, Lina, had nearly died and Saori has been going almost everyday to watch over her. She nearly jumped at the sound of Hyoga’s voice.

“Going somewhere Princess?”
“Hyoga. I was just going to see a friend.”
“The one who saved you?”

He sighed, when Shiryu had picked her up he was able to glance at her face and she reminded him of a dear friend of his. He wanted to know so badly if she is indeed who he thinks she is.

“Would you mind some company?”
“Not at all Hyoga.”

They walked in silence and once reaching Lina’s hospital room, walking in quietly. As the Princess sat down by her bedside, Hyoga looked at the box holding her cloth, the very one his friend went off to train for. He paled lightly and walked over to her bedside. Once he saw her face, the beautiful angel-like face of his best and dearest friend, he seemed to pale more. The Princess looked up and offered Hyoga her seat. He sat down and took Lina’s hand as he closed his eyes sadly.

“You know her Hyoga?”
“Yes. She was always there by my side, no matter what. I missed her greatly when she went off to train for her cloth.”
“Do you think she’ll remember you?”
“I have no idea of knowing..”

They sat in silence, watching Lina as she slept but soon she began to awaken. Hyoga looked down, not knowing what she’s going to do when she sees him. Lina opened her eyes and looked up at Princess Saori. She knew who it was who held her hand so gently and yet strongly. She said nothing about him as of yet.

“Princess, I’m glad to see you are alright..”
“Lina, you are worried about me yet you almost died?”
“Yes. I am that way for everyone I care deeply about..”

Saori nodded and they looked at Hyoga who hadn’t said a word. After a moment, Princess Saori left them alone and when she shut the door, Lina turned her attention to Hyoga. She slipped her hand free of his grip and reached up to gently caress his cheek. He looked up, his beautiful eyes searching hers.

“Hyoga, did you think I wouldn’t care for you as I did a long time ago?”
“Oh Lini...”
“I haven’t heard you say that in so long...”
“I thought it was you when Shiryu picked you up when you were so weak and cold.. You did it Lina, you said you’d train until you got your silver cloth and you did it.”
“You once said there was nothing I couldn’t do if I set my mind to it. You were right.”

He smiled gently, the last time they saw each other was just a year before his own training was completed. She was always there to be his comfort and help him through anything. Once she had left, no matter what he went through, all he had to do was think of her and the promise they made to each other.


Hyoga stood facing Lina who had a bag of her belongings resting next to her feet in the snow. He was still training and the time had come for her to go off to her training.

“Why a silver cloth in the beginning Lina?”
“Because I must Hyoga. Just as you must train so that you will get your cloth to protect Athena. This is my birthright.”
“Please don’t ask me about it now. I’ll explain it to you when I’ve completed my training and have come back to you.”
“You make it sound like we are lovers, Lini.”
“That could be possible..”

Hyoga looked at her and after a moment of staring into her eyes, saw the truth. All this time that she’s stood by him, doing everything she can to help him was for two reasons. She’s his best friend but also that she loves him. He couldn’t believe it, the only person who had managed to find their way into his heart again loves him. He smiled as he brought her into his arms.

“Oh Lini... I too love you.”
“Really Hyoga?”
“I’m glad. I promise that no matter what happens during my training, I will return to you. I will be by your side for everything.”

He smiled and leaned down to seal her promise with a soft gentle first kiss which she enjoyed from her reaction.

“I’m going to hold you to that, my Lini. I also promise that I will be waiting for you to return, as a knight of Athena.”

End Flashback..

She looked up at him, her eyes searching his to find the love she had seen in them before she left to train for her cloth. She wants, no, needs to know if he still loves her the way he had so long ago. Hyoga smiled at the look in her eyes and leaned down to kiss her on the forehead softly.

“You are beautiful as you were the day you left to train, my Lini.”

She smiled and hugged him tightly, though it hurt to move at all. Hyoga chuckled and gently made her lie down again.

“Rest, you need it.”
“Only because you asked me too...”

Hyoga smiled and stayed at her side until he was sure she was asleep. He stood up and kissed her forehead gently before leaving. Saori smiled softly at him and they began to walk back to the mansion.

“How do you know Lina?”
“She was a dear friend of mine during most of my training for my cloth.”
“You love her still?”
“Yes and I know she loves me. I’ve missed her Princess.”
“I’m sure, she seems so important to you.”
“She is, I don’t know what I would do if I lost her.”
“...You seem a little quiet Hyoga.”
“I’m just worried about something.”
“Care to talk about it?”
“When she left to train for her cloth, she said it was her birthright.”
“Yes. I wanted to ask her about it but she asked me not to ask her then. That she would explain things to me when she came back.”
“She’ll be out of the hospital in a week. You can ask her then.”
“I will.”

True to Saori’s word, Lina was allowed to leave the hospital as long as she didn’t train, fight, or move around too much for about a month. Naturally she was not pleased with this but seemed to brighten when Hyoga and Shiryu came to get her. Shiryu grabbed her cloth while Hyoga picked her up since she still needs to get her strength back. When they got back to the mansion, Shiryu went and put her cloth in the room next to Hyoga’s which Saori had said would be her room. Hyoga smiled down at her as he shifted her in his arms before going to the dining area since its about lunch time and Saori wants everyone to meet her. As soon as they walked inside, she was the center of attention which she isn’t used to so she buried her face in Hyoga’s shoulder, blushing.

“I don’t see what’s so great about a knight who can’t even walk.”
“Seiya! She saved my life and nearly died.”
“She’s got a silver cloth right? It must have been useless.”

“I would have died had my cloth not protected me.”
“She speaks.”
“You know nothing about what happened Pegasus. You would have died had you been in my position.”
“How do you know?!”
“Because this enemy, is my family.”
“So its your fault Princess Saori nearly got hurt!!”
“You could say that. Hyoga, put me down.”

“It probably is my fault. My family wishes to cause me pain and since I am loyal to Athena, harming her reincarnation would hurt me.”

She turned her back on everyone and walked out, barely hearing the other knights chide Seiya for upsetting her or hearing Saori and Hyoga call her name. She just needs to get away, no one would understand what she’s going though, no one. She just continued walk until she found herself outside and under a beautiful tree and there was a feeling of peace all around her. She curled up under the tree and closed her eyes, letting herself sleep in this place of peace even though she shouldn’t let her guard down.

When she woke later, she first saw Hyoga’s worried face and seeing she was awake, he hugged her.

“Lina, you had us all worried about you.”
“You mean most.”
“I’m sure Seiya wasn’t worried about anyone who is at fault for Saori almost getting hurt.”
“That’s just the thing we made him see. Princess Saori didn’t get hurt, thanks to you. After realizing what he had done, he joined us in looking for you. Its not your fault.”
“Is it? You don’t know everything.”
“Then tell me. Lini, I love you with all my heart. I want to help you but I don’t know how if you won’t explain it all to me.”

She sighed lightly and looked up as she felt Hyoga hug her. Lina smiled, he probably figured this would be hard to tell so he would give her what comfort he can offer. After a moment, she began to speak.


A small Lina, about the age of ten looked up at her mother as she walked over to her daughter and hugged her. The little girl hugged her mother in return though unable to understand why her mother was crying. She had done nothing wrong, she’s always been a good little girl.

“Lina, my beautiful Lina...”
“Mama, whats wrong? What did I do?”
“Oh Lina, you did nothing wrong. Nothing that happens because of the family you were born into is your fault.”
“What do you mean Mama?”
“I will tell you in a few years darling.”

The scene changes to almost two years later, on Lina’s 12th birthday. Her mother is sitting next to her, holding her daughter tightly.

“Yes Mama?”
“Remember when you asked me what I ment when I said nothing is your fault two years ago?”
“I will tell you tonight and then you must run away from here.”
“Don’t object. Now, let me speak.”
“Yes Mama.”
“Your father, the only thing on his mind is how to bring more power to the Kurogane clan’s name. When you were born, he was displeased at having a daughter as his first born. In the past two years, you have showed signs of having the powers of the Ice Princess’ power. Power no one has ever seen, it has only been a legend. There are two things on his mind. To kill you now while you don’t know how to use it at will, or to make you give him more children. I refuse to let that happen to you.”
“Why does he want to kill me because of my power, Mama?”
“My Lina, the Ice Princess is the only one who has the power to destroy the Kurogane clan and her silver cloth, the Ice Phoenix only helps her powers grow even more. It is your birthright.”
“My birthright?”
“Yes. What you must do is go to where the Cygnus knight is being trained. Stay there until you are 14. Then go to a nearby island that is covered in ice. The cloth is there.”
“I understand Mama, but what will happen to you?”
“He will probably kill me. Listen to me Lina, I know you love me, but you must do as I ask, as the last wish of you from your mother.”
“Yes Mama.”

Just as they were about to leave, Lina’s father, the leader of the Kurogane clan ran into the room. He threw Lina’s mother into a wall as he threw Lina on the bed and began to start removing her clothes. Lina’s mother, Sakura threw some of her cosmos at him and he turned on her snarling.

“Lina! Go now! You must!”

Knowing she had to leave, Lina picked up her bag and ran as fast as she could. Once she reached the snow, she seemed to run faster and she ran for hours. A day later, she reached the training area of the Cygnus knight and once seeing someone, she fell into the snow.

End Flashback...

“Thats how you found me, passed out in the snow and very weak. I stayed true to my mother’s words and soon the time will come to put my powers, and my training to the test.”
“Let me, let all of us help you. Please Lina.”
“Hyoga, you did listen to me, didn’t you?”
“Yes, but you are my girlfriend and the love of my life. I don’t want to lose you.”
“...You can come, but only come inside if you can tell I need help. I need to do this on my own.”
“I understand. Get some rest Lini.”

She smiled softly to herself as she settled down to get some sleep. She looked up when she felt Hyoga kiss her forehead.

“I love you, my Lina.”
“I love you Hyoga.”

It was almost two months later, coming up was Lina’s 20th birthday and the fight against the Kurogane clan. Lina was sitting under a Sakura tree, her eyes closed in peace, these were the last few peaceful days she can enjoy because she doesn’t know what will happen and if she will live after this. She promised Hyoga she would be at his side forever but she’s also worried that her fate is to be taken from his side.

Hyoga was watching her nearby, a saddened expression on his face, he knew she was scared she would be forced to leave him and break her promise to him. He also knew she was just scared in general about what is to happen but won’t admit it to herself. Slowly and quietly, he walked closer to her, making sure she didn’t hear him. He leaned down and wrapped his arms around her as he murmered her name softly.

Lina squeaked in surprise before settling down when she heard Hyoga’s voice. It was just too much, to have him here and know that she could be taken from him. Slowly, quietly, she began to cry in his arms. Hyoga looked down in surprise at his girlfriend as she cried and his face softened. He ran his fingers through her hair softly.

“Shhh, its okay Lina. I’m here, I’ll always be here.”
“Hyoga… I’m scared…”
“Of the battle or something else?”
“I’m scared of being taken from your side or losing you.”
“Lina. You won’t die, I promise.”
“What are you really worried about?”
“That you’ll be parted from me during battle and my father will take away all pride I have…”

She sniffed lightly just as Hyoga leaned down and kissed her. He looked into her eyes and caressed her cheek softly.

“That won’t happen. I won’t let it, especially if it would be your first time.”

Seeing her face redden, he smirked and picked her up as he stood up.

“Let me ease those fears of yours, love.”
“Hyoga…. Do you mean…”

He only smiled as took her to his bedroom where he placed her on the bed. Leaving her for a moment, he told a servant to tell Saori that they will be busy tonight. Returning to Lina, he smiled as he leaned down and kissed her deeply. She smiled as she reached up and ran her fingers through his soft blonde hair.

“You don’t mind me doing this, do you?”
“Hyoga. I love you more then anything and I knew someday I would lose my innocence and I want you to be the one I lose it with.”

He smiled as he leaned down and nuzzled her cheek softly, his arms wrapping around her waist again.


Hyoga opened his eyes slowly as he reached for the warmth of his beloved. He sat up with a start and looked around for her, finding her standing on the balcony in nothing but a silk robe. He pulled his pants on and walked out to her.

“The signal has been given. We fight tomorrow.”
“You will not die. We have too much to live for.”
“After this is over, I want to be more.”
“Lina, I know you want to talk about this, but come back to bed. We need our rest.”

She nodded softly and smiled as she climbed back into his bed, their bed. No one could separate the Phoenix Ice and Cygnus knights now, he had assured her of that. They are bonded together, even past death. A phoenix rises again, no matter the type and she will not let her beloved die.

The next morning Lina mumbled softly into Hyoga’s hair as they heard a knock on the door. She didn’t want to get out of his arms just yet. Chuckling, Hyoga gently kissed the top of her head and got up. When he opened the door, Shiryu was standing there.

“Saori requests a meeting in five minutes. I suggest you wake Lina so she can be there too.”
“How did you…?”
“Did you think we wouldn’t know? We all knew how scared she was and only you could calm her. We also know what her father would do if he got ahold of her.”
“I see. We’ll be a minute late, Lina takes awhile to wake up.”

Nodding Shiryu left and Hyoga returned to his beloved’s side. He leaned down and nuzzled her cheek softly, kissing her jaw line.

“Lini… Time to wake up…”
“I don’t wanna…”
“Princess Saori requests a meeting in five minutes, love. You have to get up.”

Lina pouted as she sat up, she just wanted to sleep in Hyoga’s arms. Hyoga had told Shiryu right, in six minutes he was opening the door where the others were waiting, his arm wrapped around Lina’s waist. Seiya grinned when he saw them but before he could say anthing, Hyoga glared at him, daring him to say anything. Seiya wisely closed his mouth, doing the smart thing for once. Saori turned to them as they sat down on the couch in the room, Hyoga’s arm draped over Lina’s shoulders.

“I’m sure we all felt the great cosmos of an evil enemy last night.”
“Yes, that would be my father.”
“Your father, Lina?”
“Yes. He is the ruler of the Kurogane clan..”
“Not the same clan I heard about that will murder their own daughter if the power of the…oh..!”
“Yes, the same clan that will murder females to prevent the Wind and Ice Phoenixes being reborn. That or to break their spirits.”
“Then that was…”
“He was warning me. That either I fight today, or everyone I care about suffers.”

Hyoga nuzzled her cheek softly, knowing she was hurting inside. Facing your own family in a battle would be hard on anyone, it had been hard on Shun to face Ikki when Ikki had turned evil.

“You aren’t alone in this Lina. We all fight, at your side. You’ll never be alone again.”

Lina smiled softly as she rested her head on Hyoga’s shoulder, murmuring a soft thank you to him as the others nodded in agreement to Hyoga’s words.

“Lina, did the warning give a time?”
“Yes. We have three hours.”

The others nodded and soon left. Hyoga looked down at Lina, she was beginning to tremble, not wanting to be forced to fight her family. He got to his feet and picked her up, heading out to the gardens for the last hours of peace she has.

“It will be alright Lini, we’ll make it out of this. I promise you this, we have to much to live for.”

She nodded softly as she curled up in his arms, relaxing in the comfort they offer. They soon fell asleep in each other’s arms. Lina woke up half an hour later, almost screaming which woke Hyoga.

“Lina, whats wrong?!”
“Mia… We can’t wait Hyoga, we must go now. I refuse to lose my sister.”
“I have a twin sister and she has hidden her Wind Phoenix powers well. He has found out about those powers. He will try to break her spirit in an hour.”
“How do you…”
“The Ice Phoenix always knows what happens to the Wind Phoenix.”
“Alright, grab our cloths, I’ll get the others.”

Lina nodded and raced off as Hyoga went to get the others. They met up five minutes later by the front of the mansion. Ikki, Shun, Shiryu, and Seiya were already in their cloths when Lina arrived. Saori was there and Tatsumi was standing next to her. Hyoga went to Lina’s side as she placed the Cygnus and Phoenix Ice cloths on the ground.

“Lina, what is the matter? You said we had three hours.”
“Princess, my sister, Mia, is in danger. If we don’t go now, she will be broken, completely.”
“You mean…”
“Yes. She is Phoenix Wind. Her powers have just been discovered.”
“How do you know this?”
“She is my twin sister, we are connected.”
“I see. Everyone, go.”

Lina and Hyoga put their cloths on and the knights raced out and towards the hidden home of the Kurogane clan. They arrived five minutes before the hour was up and the moment Lina put one foot into her old home, she heard her sister scream. Without even thinking, she raced off, towards her sister. She didn’t care what happened to her, but she won’t let her sister be hurt. Hyoga ran after Lina, leaving the other three to handle the guards.

When they arrived, Lina was struggling to continue to protect her sister while fighting her father. Smirking at Hyoga, Kinta, their father, punched Lina the moment her beloved stepped into the room. A look of anger crossed Hyoga’s face as he growled. She shook her head at him, making sure he knows not to interfere. Hyoga went to make sure Mia is alright and stays safe while her sister is fighting.

A few minutes later Mia woke up and looked up, surprised to find someone holding her in his lap, in a brotherly way.

“W..Who are you?”
“My name is Hyoga, the Cygnus Knight.”
“The one who holds my sister’s heart…”
“Yes. She is fighting for you and everyone now.”
“She refuses you to help, doesn’t she?”
“That’s how Lina is, she would rather do it on her own.”

Mia sat up next to Hyoga and leaned against him because she’s still weak but wants to watch her sister fight.

Meanwhile Kinta was growling in anger, being around the Cygnus knight had increased Lina’s powers more then just wearing her cloth would have. He was getting tired of being unable to get the object of his desires, her. He closed his eyes for a moment and a wall of fire separated her from Hyoga, just what he needed. She paused for a moment which is all it took for him to pounce on her and begin to remove her cloth. Hyoga couldn’t freeze that fire as much as he tries to, it is powered by Kinta’s cosmos.

Somehow, Kinta managed to remove Lina’s cloth and was now beginning to remove her clothes. Lina shut her eyes tightly in effort to stop the tears but her heart is hurting so much. She never knew he had the power to make you unable to move or resist the moment he touched you. She couldn’t do anything to stop him and it hurt. She looked towards the fire where Hyoga stood and behind him sat her sister, the one who could help her if she had the strength. Lina closed her eyes again, her mind reaching her sister’s.

-Lina, I know how I can help but I have not the strength to.-

She focused her energy and it took the form of a small phoenix as it flew through the flames and into Mia. Lina smiled faintly when she heard two voices, one right after the other.

“Wind Breeze!”
“Diamond Dust!”

The second Mia had parted the flames, Hyoga had run through at her heels and didn’t hesitate before attacking Kinta. He was beyond pissed, no one is allowed to touch Lina like that but him. Kinta jumped in surprise and was able to dodge Hyoga’s attack. For a moment it looked as if Lina was frozen but a second later the ice cracked and shattered as Lina sat up. Hyoga ran to his beloved’s side and hugged her tightly as she cried into his hair. He knew he shouldn’t be like in the middle of a battle but he had been so afraid he couldn’t save her, especially when his powers were useless against the flames.

“Lina… Thank god…”

She was trembling in his arms, crying in relief. Hyoga let her go as he turned to Kinta, a deadly look on his face. As the two male saints fought, Lina put her cloth back on after fixing her shirt as best she can. She is still trembling, never wanting to have to do that ever again. Now that she and her sister are equally matched with their energy, they turned to the flames and smiled. Destroy the flames and it will burn half of Kinta’s energy away. As long as they burn, so will he.

The two phoenixes moved as one, calling upon their powers and two strong voices broke through the air.

“Ice Rain!”
“Wind Storm!”

Under the powers of the two attacks, the blaze burned lower until it was gone. Only a moment after the blaze was gone did Hyoga win the battle with Kinta. Lina and Mia smiled weakly, truly tired. The moment that the others reached those who had done the worst of the fighting, the entire place began shaking.

“Shit! With his death the place falls apart!”

They didn’t waste anytime getting out of there. Mia and Lina had been too tired so Hyoga picked up Lina while Shun picked up Mia. They didn’t stop running until that had reached the mansion and Saori. Both girls were asleep and the other knights were tired too. Even though it was only nine at night, they went to bed.

Everyone went straight to bed, Hyoga taking Lina with him. Shun went to the room next to his and carefully laid Mia on it after removing her cloth and placing it on the bed next to her. He brushed the bangs from her eyes and went to his own room and fell asleep.

Hyoga smiled softly down at his beloved Lina as he gently removed her cloth and placed it in the Phoenix Ice box sitting at the end of their bed. His Cygnus cloth was already it its box which is sitting next to hers. He knew she would be hot during the night, but he couldn’t even think about taking her clothes off after what she went through today. So, though he knew she needed to sleep, Hyoga gently shook Lina awake.

“Lini, can you wake up a little for me?”
“Unnn… What is it…?”
“I need you to get into your nightgown, you’ll be hot if you sleep in what you have on.”

She pouted but did has he asked, knowing he didn’t want to change her clothes himself, not wanting to upset her. The moment she had her nightgown on, she went back to sleep, earning a smile from Hyoga. He took his shirt off and climbed into bed with Lina. Asleep, she cuddled up closer to him and he wrapped his arms around her as he buried his face in her soft hair. Everything was right in the world again, it was peaceful again. Lina had defeated her family so she and her sister are now free to live their lives as they please. When the next problem arose, they would face it side by side, together.

Risa: And that...is the story of Lina.

[User Picture]From: iceprincessrisa
2005-10-09 10:28 pm
Still as good when you read it the second time?
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[User Picture]From: cygnushyoga
2005-10-09 10:55 pm
Heh, yeah. As always! ^^
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[User Picture]From: iceprincessrisa
2005-10-09 10:55 pm
Thank you Riku-chan. ^^
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